Jan Čižmář – loutna, theorba, kytara

Jan Čižmář - solo

As a soloist Jan performs music ranging from renaissance to romantic period. He is using various historical instruments and always aims to get closer to the spirit of the speific period. That means a careful choice of instrument, repertoire, venue and programming appropriate to the event and audience expectations.

Sample programmes:
renaissance lute: english 17th century- Dowland, Holborne, Johnson
central european 16th Century - Reys, Cato, Bakfark, anonymous
11c. baroque lute: "Prag covered with lutes" - Weiss, Weichenbeger, music from central European libraries, Harrach collection
13c. baroque lute: German 18th century - "lute around Bach" - Bach, Weiss, Hasse
German and Austrian 18th century - "Galanterie pour luth" - Hagen, Falckenhagen, Kohaut, Haydn
Theorbo: French "Musique  pour le roi" - de Visée, Perine, Bartolotti

Theorbo: Italian -: Kapsberger, Picinini, Castaldi, Melli, anonym